Names of Friends of Charles Rich

(This page is under construction and update. Ronda is including names of friends she knows of. If you know of others, please let me know by e-mailing me here or by writing to 722 West Union St. Apt. F, Morganton, NC 28655. It would help to give me your e-mail or other mailing information)

Those who knew Charlie personally:
Brother Casimir
Clarke, Fr. Thomas, S.J.
Craige, Catherine
Davita, Angela
Donahue, John, S.J.
Fierro, Arthur
Garvey, Margie
Jeanne Therese, Sr.
Kiernan, Mary
Kondracki, Alex & Joan
McCarthy, Dr. Eugene
McMahon, Fr. Jerry
Manheim family: Ralph, Jean, Paul, Janine and David
Simon, Fr. Raphael
Vincent, Sr. Mary Clare

People who Ronda is searching for information on - if you know them, please let me know at the address above or by clicking here:
Slomensky, Judith
nephew of Charlie

Those who have read his books and want to be included here:
Aguilar, Nona
Baillargeon, Jeannette
Brandin, Evie
Darby, Pat
Joyce-Walter, Mary Ann
Kapusta, Paula
Lagan, Irene
Meaney, Fr. Patrick
Shoeman, Roy