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New Booklet
'Give Me your Heart: Preparing for Eternal Life':

excerpts from the writings of Charles Rich edited by Ronda which is displayed on this web-site as a booklet. This is an ideal book for those of you who like short passages on spirituality to meditate on and to give to friends   not likely to read long books. It is arranged  by state of the reader's soul such as "when you feel disgusted, resentful, anxious, etc."

NOTE: This book is now only available as a free e-book on Ronda Chervin's own website - click here to view

these are early meditations of Charles Rich last published by St. Bede's.

The Holy Dybbuk:
these are excerpts from the voluminous correspondence of Charlie to Ronda Chervin, published by St. Bede's.
The Embrace of the Soul: Reflections on the Song of Songs - (St. Bede's) Ronda edited and condensed Charlie's manuscript at the suggestion of his spiritual director. Later, Robert Hupka, the sponsor of these books, disciple, and friend, had published the original facsimile to preserve the original under the title below this one.

How to be Really Rich:
Notes on the Song of Songs - see Embrace of the Soul.

Hungry for Heaven:
The Story of Charles Rich, Contemplative by Ronda Chervin. This biography might be read at the same time as the next book since each book has its own viewpoint.

Charlie's own account of his life, though less organized than Hungry for Heaven, provides a sense of how he wrote when not heavily edited and condensed and gives his own very supernatural account.

Letters for Eternity:
Collected from the Correspondence of Charles Rich with Ronda Chervin - these are excerpts from later letters.

St. John of the Cross:
a small volume of writings by Charlie on John of the Cross, his favorite spiritual writer.
All of these books, except Embrace of the Soul can be obtained from The Association of Hebrew Catholics - check the web or ask your bookstore.

At a lesser price you can get the same books from the Hebrew Catholic Association see Hebrew Catholic web - enter under Keyword Search "Rich"

At a still lesser price you can buy them used, including Embrace of the Soul, on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Wal-Mart.

Articles by Charles Rich:
"The Lord is my Shepherd" (anonymous) Review for Religious July 1960, Vol. 19, No.4
Articles about Charles Rich:
Article about Charlie just before his death by Fr. Donahue, S.J. editor of America
From the Spiritual Wisdom of Charles Rich - Hebrew-Catholic by Ronda Chervin Hebrew-Catholic Newsletter 2004
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